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Pack of Dogs is a kids volunteer task force that assists charities with their activities. We are are a group committed to helping non-profits one task at a time to promote a stronger and healthier community for the future.

While some children might be natural-born leaders, all kids can develop leadership skills with the right guidance. At Pack of Dogs, we teach kids leadership skills to boost self-esteem, improve communication skills, teach them to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and encourage them to learn how to work with others.

Engaging your children in charity activities regularly helps them develop better leadership skills. The Pack of Dogs philosophy encourages the true act of giving where you are in direct contact with those in need.

We believe that children bring a unique energy and innocence that can be felt through interactions of many types of volunteer work. This variety of activities also engages the children with many organizations educating them about the different causes and adds overall enrichment to their lives.